Kho Na'an

Half-orc barbarian from a loving home looking for adventure and racial equality.


Strength – 20
Dexterity – 16
Constitution – 11
Intelligence – 14
Wisdom – 12
Charisma – 4

Greataxe: inscribed with Orcish glyphs – blessings from his mother, father, and mentor Caratticus.

Artisan’s Tools: Varnish, hammer, wrench, handsaw, screwdriver, nails, screws, wood glue, and other tools – a high school graduation gift from his shop teacher.


Kho Na’an the barbarian was raised in Hearthwood, in the eastern forests south of the Aeric Mountains. His mother, Koo Rhee Vith Na’an, is a member of the local schoolboard, while his father, Sekund Thoo Na’an, works as a broker for the HWSE. From a young age, Kho Na’an was taught stories of the great Orcish battles and brutal human heroes, inspiring in him a sense of daring and a desire to help others, through any means possible. However, Kho Na’an knew that the outside world was not as his home; Any human, and even moreso any elf, would mark him on sight as a screaming, slaughterous maniac. He thus decided to use it. Kho Na’an sought out the most esteemed scholar in the forests, Caratticus the Learned. Under Caratticus, Kho Na’an learned the ways of the Barbarian and the ways of the world, studying Goblin and Draconian, and the fine arts of Weaponsmithing, Bowmaking, and Shipmaking.

Kho Na'an

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