The Royal Family of Fallen Crest

The Royal Family of the Raglaens was established in Fallen Crest Long ago. The leadership is a monarchy with the first born child, man or woman, taking the Throne.

The Raglaens had been a small family with little influence outside the general area, but after the events of the Dragon Flight, many people fled North and found the city of Fallen Crest. The city boomed and some fleeing noble families pledged fealty to the Lordess at the time Risa-Lilith II. As the events of the Dragon flight settled many people had no home to return to so they decided to settle in Fallen Crest and the power of the Raglaens had finally seen some real strength.

Family Tree with a little legend will be posted later!!!!

(Written by Jonlin_Xenoth)

The Royal Family of Fallen Crest

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