The Aenn Tunnelers

The Aenn Tunnelers are a society of kobolds residing in The Hills of the Free Folk. A relatively weak bunch, they are nonetheless extremely dangerous in high numbers. They follow the god Kurtulmak of War and Mining, who many of them once claimed was their leader, residing among them and instructing them to capture travelers exiting the forests to be sold as slaves. However, with the interference of the Travelers, Kurtulmak is seeing a decrease in popularity as more and more kobolds begin to read the books abandoned by their previous captives, dream of enterprise, and speak of diplomatic relations with the surrounding human settlements.

Entry no. 3 of the Travelers:

As four of the Travelers regroup and move to return to Kho Na’an’s side, the latter individual engages Ultak, the kobold raid leader, in polite conversation about the nature of Draconic race relations. After some time… it is determined that the kobold prisoner, Tulnar, will be exchanged for a captured druid girl, at which point the Travelers will go on their merry way. Ultak and another kobold bring the girl up through the tunnel; as the prisoners are exchanged, Xenlin gives the raid leader powerful advice about how his people could be successful in the world. This is followed by wise words from the half-orc scholar, which is in turn followed by a surprising speech by Caratticus (characteristic of the time before he lost his senses). Ultak agrees to consider the words of these religious peoples, tears in his eyes- even the other kobold, with no knowledge of the Travelers, seems to deeply consider these words.

Members of the Aenn Tunnelers:

The Aenn Tunnelers

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