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    Link any Homebrew ideas here under 'Pending'; when it is approved, I'll move it and send you an email. :) *Pending:* [[Twisted Metal (Pending) | Twisted Metal (Pending)]] *Approved:* [[Moment of Clarity | Moment of Clarity]] [[Sunlight Spear]]

  • Moment of Clarity

    This ability can be used by: [[:caratticus-lynch | Caratticus Lynch]] For characters acting under the influence of a personality-altering curse, they can choose to be freed from said curse once every 2 days. The player will roll 1d20+WIS mod every 3 …

  • Sunlight Spear

    A magical attack that functions as such Needs a Standard action of prep, can not attack untill next turn. Requires a holy symbol to channel. If attacked/itimidated make a concentration check. 1 week/5 levels 1-5(1)6-10(2)11-15(3)16-19(4)20(5) …

  • Twisted Metal (Pending)

    A rather new concept in the world, the mixing of two metals after the metals are cast to shape. The methods by which the ingots are forged are usually kept secret as the metal itself is prized. Twisted metal is actually a combination of two different …