Solaire of Astoria

Praiseing the Sun all day




His history is a blurry one filled with inconsistency and myth. The only things that are known about this one is that he quickly proved himself to be an outstanding warrior with an unbreakable sense of valor and honor. He worked his way up in the order of Pelor to the rank of Legendary Paladin. Shortly there after it was said he was given a cause by his God and left, never returning to his Home Church (location TBD). It is believed he has been blessed by a divine god and given extraordinary powers. It is unknown if his existence is a fable, a tale. But one thing that all stories tell of is his Sunlight Spear, a type of divine magic. It only hurts those who are evil and is stronger if the target is more evil. Only one other person is known to posses it currently, and that is the ‘Lone Paladin.’

A bard painted this picture to depict the tale of the magic javelin.

Solaire of Astoria

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