'Lone Paladin'(Real Name to remain DM exclusive)

The legendary 'lone paladin' known for her conviction and bravery


“A Beauty such is her’s that is like a sword, sharp, deadly, and awe striking”

The ‘Lone Paladin’ Is known for her valor and strength in combat just as much as her sharp tongue. She worked her way up to the rank of Knight Gallant and took up the role of training Paladin’s of Herionious north of the Snow Pass, specifically at the city of Fallen Crest.

Known for her beauty but many fear the large thorns surrounding her. She is known to be cold towards most but has shown to have a big heart for those in need and to work hard to make sure all are taken care of.


The Lone Paladin’s story tells of a true change of heart.

She was born to a noble family of high elf mages and was trained in the ways of Wee Jas, Lawful Neural Goddess of Death. For a long while, she studied in the ways of necromancy and learned of its great power. Shortly after learning how to reanimate the dead she pushed herself harder and harder to see how many she could raise before fatigue took her. Her research into the subject led her to a place of power for necromancers known to enhance the abilities of those who followed Wee Jas, but upon tapping into this power, she was overtaken by a very dark force.

This powerful force was the once living Or-secra, a Dark Elf who was known to be a very malicious and evil necromancer who had perished at the hands of Solaire. Despite this, his spirit was able to overtake the Lone Paladin and use her to raise small forces of undead to attack nearby villages to try and attract a less suspicious host to use. What Or-secra did not know was that he attracted the attention of the one who first cast him from the world.

Solaire felt the evil that was Or-secra and searched for months for any sign of where he might be hiding. The lone paladin was fighting with Or-secra the entire time, not wishing to use her powers to hurt others and realizing that the path she is on may lead to her becoming like this monster. When Solaire found Or-secra he knew that the body being possessed was innocent and could feel the want and need for a better path. Solaire called from a blessing from Pelor and from the sky fell a simple white cloth. He gripped the cloth and found that inside was a bright yellow amber that glowed orange like the sun. He could feel the energy flowing through the artifact and as if by instinct pulled his arm back as if to throw a spear. Out came a bright column of light either side of the artifact and he made as if to throw this column.

The column hit the Lone Paladin and wrought the spirit of Or-secra from her. Solaire spent much time looking after the Lone Paladin until she awoke from her exhaustion. She spent much time after that learning the ways of a Paladin and taking up the vows of Heironus after receiving a sign of lighting on a clear summer day.

After around 10 years traning with Solaire, he brought her to the main order of Heironus’ Paladins located """""""""""""""- and for a while she spent time learning some of the tradions of the order.

After proving herself multiple times she was given control over the Paladin’s of Fallen Crest. This is where she gained her nickname, as few ever proved worthy of the Paladin. She would only train those who were strong enough and who she felt were blessed.

The last people she trained were Xenlin and a Half-Elf who is named “DM SECTION ONLY

'Lone Paladin'(Real Name to remain DM exclusive)

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