Caratticus Lynch

An old, eccentric human cleric unknowingly suffering from a curse of the mind.

Description: (Picture of Caratticus)

Strength – 7
Dexterity – 9
Constitution – 12
Intelligence – 9
Wisdom – 16
Charisma – 14

HP – 8
AC – 13

Age: 55

Fortitude – 3
Reflex – -1
Will – 5

Initiative – 0

- Light Crossbow
- Light Mace

Deity: St. Cuthbert

Known Languages:
- Common
- Celestial


The story of Carraticus Lynch is one of enlightenment, wisdom, and tragedy.

Born to a nomadic couple in an uncharted area just a ways north of the infamous Snow Pass, Carraticus Lynch was always a curious human. For as long as he could remember, he was always tinkering, experimenting, and reading to gain as much knowledge as he – well – could. The constant traveling nature of his family allowed him to meet many locales as they visited towns for supplies. He would listen to stories of glorious battles and the escapades of wise men who would find the secrets to life itself; all which allowed his wild imagination to run. However, he never thought he could be one of those mighty beings as he remained dedicated to his family.

Years would pass by Caratticus with ease as he became a hardened traveler and took over for his family while they grew weaker with age. At the age of 18, his parents passed silently in their sleep while stopping to rest in a tavern. It was a normal death really, and one that many travelers would envy. After some time of grieving, Caratticus sold the extra supplies no longer needed for one single person and used the money to begin his own destiny; one unguided by his family’s eternal journey. Without feeling tethered to his family, Caratticus wanted to seek knowledge.

Caratticus weathered the treacherous Snow Pass with the assistance of a guide; and compensated him fairly for it. Feeling grateful for Caratticus’ generous compensation, the guide led him to the town of Hearthglen, so that he may find a place to rest. A fairly nice town at the time, Hearthglen was a busy community filled with welcoming traders and citizens; but most importantly, it was home to a middle-aged cleric by the name of Roo Badley. Roo Badley was a silent individual who very rarely left his private library, yet was an informal wise man for the town. Peaking Caratticus’ interest, he was the first destination in his quest. Little did he know, Caratticus would stay with this cleric for years to come.

As Caratticus learned, Roo Badley was a devout follower of the deity, St. Cuthbert; a righteous god of wisdom, retribution, and zeal. He was a deity that sought protection for the weak, and the enforcement of law and order. Particularly, Roo Badley was a part of The Billets; the most numerous of the St. Cuthbert clergy tasked with protecting the faithful. Appealing to the stories of righteousness of his earlier youth, Caratticus wanted to become a follower. Under Badley’s tutelage, Caratticus became acquainted with various languages, spells of healing, and scriptural knowledge of St. Cuthbert. Time would alter his goals of adventure into one of searching for knowledge.

((Work In Progress – More to Come))

Caratticus Lynch

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