Everyone Dies

Day 6 - The People of Hope

The Travelers awoke early in the morning, Caratticus, Voltage, and Annalae having had a relaxing rest at the Merry Moth, and Kho Na’an, Blaze, and Xenlin having succumbed to exhaustion in the guards’ bunkhouse. Xenlin awakes violently to thoughts of DRAGONS; he immediately briefs Kho Na’an and Blaze on his discovery. The barbarian and the ranger, in turn, tell Xenlin of their conversation with Wanda, and the plan to meet at sundown. Kho Na’an also, during this time, befriends the axeman he had conversed with the night before; he makes quick use of this newfound bond and requests that the guard keep watch during their meeting in the Wastes (without mentioning the nature of said meeting, of course).

Caratticus and Voltage awake at the inn – Annalae continues to be sleepy, so Caratticus instructs Voltage to keep an eye on her while he, the cleric, searches for the rest of the group. Voltage is not interested in doing this, it being not the least bit adventurous, and attempts to escape. He fails. Quite miserably. Caratticus scolds him until he goes back inside the inn, at which point the elfin teen proclaims his independence by simply studying his spells on the first floor, rather than watch the druid. Caratticus then proceeds on his quest, recalling somehow that Eliade had offered him and the other travelers the guard’s bunkhouse for the previous night. Deciding to check there first, he is fortunate to find Kho Na’an, Blaze, and Xenlin, all deep in discussion regarding the forthcoming events of the new day. He is given the missed information, as any player experience must be regurgitated three times over WHEN YOU SPLIT THE PARTY EVERY FIVE MINUTES, FRIENDS. (cries)

Kho Na’an determines to find a shop that will provide him with “cloth the color of the Banshee Wastes.” Xenlin gives Blaze the task of searching around the city for tips and clues that may help the Travelers learn the full story of what happened here. Then, the paladin and the cleric decide to speak with Eliade on the matter of divine protection for the town. That being determined, the ALREADY SEGMENTED band of Travelers spLIT THE PARTY INTO MORE SEGMENTS.

Kho Na’an wanders the town center until he finds Emma’s Tailoring, a small shop that appears well-kept, albeit a bit run-down. Greeted warmly, the half-orc responds in his characteristically friendly way. He then asks specifically for cloth the color of the Banshee Wastes; Emma is a bit uncertain, but brings out an old, frayed, and rat-shit cloth, claiming that it is indeed the color of the Wastes, but only because rats got into her shipment and shit on it. Kho Na’an takes this cloth for free, but also decides to purchase some plain, undyed cloth and, at Emma’s suggestion, take it over to The Uncreative Name to have it dyed by Cartman, the Man with the Cart.

• Blaze goes to the Inn to Check on Annalae/Has Feels about Annalae’s Missing Buddies/Agrees to Ask Around While Druid checks Town Hall
• Xenlin and Caratticus talk to Eliade about a Shrine to Heironeous
• Xenlin and Caratticus piss of Matt the Builder
• Kho Na’an Talks to Cartman, Discusses Fine Arts, Forgets He Has No Moneys for Cartman’s Artful Dyeing
• Xenlin and Caratticus go to the Armory and Inquire; Xenlin becomes a Part-Timer

• Kho Na’an re-enters Cartman’s with Caratticus as Backup, Explains the Whole “No Moneys” Thing, gets Side Quest (SIDE QUEEEEEEEEEEST :D)
• Voltage Decides to go on a Walkabout; Fails
• Blaze meets up with All ‘Dem
• Xenlin/Voltage Confrontation (the gang’s back together again)
• Xenlin drags Voltage to the Inn to tie him up
• Kho Na’an and Caratticus go to Emma’s, go to Cellar, Fight some Rats like Badasses (C = 8, K = 7)
• Kho Na’an and Caratticus turn in Side Quest (SIDE QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEST :D)
• Caratticus goes to the Inn to take over for Xenlin, who is feeling Salty and must Meditate
• Kho Na’an throws Wastes Cloak at Blaze as he runs off to Matt the Builder’s
• Blaze takes Cloak to Enchanting Place, makes Sketchy Deal with the Enchantress; Inquires about Smoke Stick, is told about an Experimental Enchanter in Aderann
• Blaze has Encounter with Sketchy Dude (Is he the Rat? Is he Not? INTRIIIIIIIIGUE), breaks Chemistry Set, Steals Papers, Sees Weird-Ass Bird
• Kho Na’an talks to Matt the Builder, makes deal for Lumber and Stone
• Blaze reads about Sketchy Shit, brings it to the Enchantress, she takes it and says the Cloak will be ready in an Hour
• Blaze goes to the Wastes, finds nothing super sketch; Annalae exits the town, talking about how her friends are apparently out there and stuff; Blaze convinces her to come back, wait a day, and if they’re all dead she can feel free to go
• Blaze and Annalae get back to town; Blaze tells Annalae to go back to the inn, then does some super sneaks

Note: I know this post is terrible and I’m really sorry >_< I’ll probably be fixing it in the future/explaining things a bit more, but for now I’ll just go with the excuse that I got the big bad flu last week and just finished most of it tonight and I’m sorry. If I missed anything, or left anything out of order, please don’t hesitate to bring it up to me! Same goes for something that involves EXP, of course, I don’t want to deprive anyone! I promise I’ll be better next time, anyway. See you guys tomorrow!


100 exp base
+3 exp to Kho Na’an for befriending the axeman
+10 exp to Kho Na’an and Blaze for being clever with the cloak thing
+8 exp to Caratticus and Voltage for in-character antics
+3 exp to Voltage for being stubborn while totally caving (NO. I’m gonna stay DOWNSTAIRS.)
+10 exp to Kho Na’an for making deals and being Kho Na’an
+7 exp to Blaze for bonding with the NPC over sads
+8 exp to Xenlin and Caratticus for being on a holy mission for a bit
+15 exp to Xenlin for pissing off Matt while becoming characteristically salty
+5 exp to Caratticus for preventing fisticuffs and all
+5 exp to Caratticus and Xenlin for listening to the Armorer and his feelsy feels
+3 exp to Voltage for being Voltagey
+14 exp to Xenlin for being super dramatic
+15 exp to Voltage for basically being beat like a red-headed step-child
+75 exp to Caratticus and Kho Na’an for rat-killin’ (10 exp per rat, 15 rats, 2 players)
+6 exp to Kho Na’an for being a bro and mentioning Cartman to Emma
+18 exp to Caratticus for going back to the inn and sacrificing his time to be Voltage’s curmudgeonly guardian.
+17 exp to Xenlin for being salty and meditating
+80 exp to Blaze for the entire sketchy ordeal (the agreement, the escape, the turn-in, all that good stuff)
+10 exp to Kho Na’an for getting in good with Matt the Builder
+10 exp to Blaze for having more feelsy feels with Annalae on the edge of town
+2 exp to Blaze for the sneaks

Blaze – 209 exp
Caratticus – 219 exp
Kho Na’an – 214 exp
Voltage – 129 exp
Xenlin – 159 exp

Day 6 - The People of Hope

Blaze – The ranger is now a target of Hope’s apparently thriving criminal underground. Perhaps this infamy can be used for good?
Caratticus – After basically enacting rat genocide for a bit, the cleric now has the unofficial title of Ratticus the Firelord
Xenlin – Between his attempts to spread the protection of Heironeous to the people of Hope and his quiet meditation over all o’ dat SALT, the paladin begins to feel significantly closer to his god.
All – The Travelers have begun to familiarize themselves with the town of Hope (+3 to Knowledge (local) when recalling information about Hope and it’s surrounding area). They’ve also become familiar to the townspeople. (+1 to diplomacy checks involving all non-Matt citizens of Hope)

Day 6 - The People of Hope

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