Everyone Dies

Day 2 - The Road to Hope

Winter glances over the forests south of the Aeric Mountains- snow sneaks between trees in sparse sheets. North of the Snow Pass, this is referred to as the edge of the “Summerlands,” for though icy winters penetrate even the hard shell of Fallen Crest, these forests somehow remain eternally green no matter the season. Though the trees are few and far apart at first, within half an hour of leaving Hearthglen one will encounter dense thickets which crawl over the unkempt roads and abandoned landmarks of times long past.

The travelers depart Hearthglen roughly an hour after dawn, packed with trail rations, blankets, and all conceivable necessities they could gather. They opt to travel south down the main road, rather than take the path southwest toward Hope. However, after only half an hour, they encounter a Goblin raider- though Kho Na’an beheads the creature with a single swing (nicely done, Kho Na’an), it is quickly followed by four more goblins on horseback, approaching from the south. After a long and fumble-filled fight (the spoils of which amounted to 22gp, a light horse, 5 morningstars and a metal talisman), three of the new enemies are dispatched, the last taken prisoner and coerced into leading the party safely around the goblin encampment, claimed to be positioned off to the west. Thus, for the remainder of the day, the party travels southwest without incident. Though, unbeknownst to any of them, a single goblin watches them from the darkness of the woods…

After two hours of travel, the party decides to make camp. They settle down approximately 100ft west of the path, opting not to start a fire for fear of being spotted. The goblin was left tied up, but given a cloak by Kho Na’an to keep him warm through the winter night. Despite the extreme cold, no party member suffers a penalty for lack of preparedness or fortitude.

Kho Na’an keeps watch for three hours before he finds himself too tired to continue. At this point, he enlists the help of Blaze, who watches for another hour and a half before, unfortunately, he falls asleep. When the party awakes, the goblin is gone, along with 15gp and the metal talisman. Blaze uncovers two goblin tracks to the north for a short while before the group, realizing the goblins’ head-start and fearing retaliation from the encampment, determines to continue southwest at a steady pace. After two and a half hours of traveling about 50ft west of the road, the group comes across a weather-worn shrine. The cleric recognizes that the shrine is dedicated to an older, more obscure deity, but cannot recall anything about them. The group does, however, notice a brass dragon’s head at the front of the mossy shrine- this makes Blaze incredibly wary of the place. After some intense concentration, Kho Na’an the barbarian manages to decipher the magical, shifting draconic words on the shrine, to a certain extent:

… the god Aasterinian… … … … … …
… … … fare thee well in thy travels…

Though Xenlin the paladin recognizes the name, he is unable to place anything more about the deity other than his relation to travel. Nevertheless, the religious party members- Xenlin, Caratticus, and Kho Na’an- say prayers and place (respectively) 2, 3, and 5gp on the step of the shrine. The three feel an immediate sense of peace and surety, as if their travels will, at least for a time, prove very fruitful.

So, the party continues. They travel for another three and a half hours before they make it to the edge of the forest- at mid-afternoon, they opt to rest a moment, thus completing this leg of their journey.


120 exp base (120 per goblin (5), divided among adventurers (also 5))
+5 exp to Blaze, Xenlin and Voltage for pre-battle preparation
+10 exp to Caratticus for successful diplomacy
+10 exp to Xenlin for animal handling
+5 exp to Kho Na’an for translating (and powering through complete lack of charisma ;D)
+10 exp to Kho Na’an for alignment roleplay (the cloak for the goblin)
+8 exp to Xenlin for alignment roleplay (taking and protecting the prisoner)
+8 exp to Blaze for tracking
+10 exp to Kho Na’an for extreeeeeeme concentration

Blaze – 133 exp
Xenlin – 143 exp
Caratticus – 130 exp
Kho Na’an – 145 exp
Voltage – 125 exp

Day 2 - The Road to Hope

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